Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's time to start canning tomatoes. Tomato production is on the light side this year due to the June rains.

Peaches! They are small and have some spots but boy do they taste good. I picked about a half a peck today.

Ziva loves playing with her new toy from Christina. And she likes to mess up all of the rugs in the house.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The watermelon plants love all the extra rain we have been getting. Hopefully they will be ready in late August.

The raspberry bushes are doing well. Hopefully will have a good crop this fall.

Ziva is checking out the green beans. This is the second planting. The first planting drowned in the June rains.

We got the sweetcorn weeded this past week. 18 rows in all, probably will be ready in mid to late September.

We visited the farm in Michigan last weekend. A stray mama cat arrived unannounced with four babies - they are really cute! Anybody need a kitten?

Thanks to Amy and mom, we finished painting the kitchen a combination of orange and caramel.

It was a team effort between Shelly, her sister Amy, Jim, and mom to get the steps sanded, stained, and finished. 9 of the steps were made with oak from the farm in Michigan.